Behringer HPS3000 High-Performance Studio Headphones, Silver


  • Ultra-wide frequency response
  • High-definition bass and super-transparent highs
  • Ultra-wide dynamic range
  • High-efficiency cobalt capsule
  • 1/8″ connector plus 1/4″ adapter included
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8 Reviews For This Product

  1. 08

    by MikeF

    Extraordinarily good sound – clean, open, transparent and uncoloured. The bass is all there, right down as far as you can hear, and remarkably detailed – no woolly thump here, and never overpowering – and the treble is crisp and realistic. I can’t think find any vice to mention in the sound – which is uncanny at this price – but being so realistic and detailed they do need careful EQ, if any, to avoid spoiling the natural openness.

    The build quality is typical Behringer – not immediately impressive, but deceptively solid. (I have Behringer stage gear that worried me slightly when I unpacked it, but which has survived well over 10 years’ regular use without missing a single beat.)

    The isolation is OK, but not soundproof by any means, and the fit is on the tight side. (I do have a large head!) This doesn’t make them uncomfortable, but it does mean they need to be put on carefully to get the best fit over the ears. Once properly seated they are easy to forget – not overly heavy, nor unpleasantly clammy.

    All things considered, I am delighted with these – whether for practice, recording, or just listening, I can’t fault them.

  2. 08

    by Jumbo

    I wanted a second set of headphones for everyday use. These are very cheap and have some good reviews but I’m sorry I don’t agree. I have other very good value Behringer products but you’ll get far better quality by paying just a little more for headphones, say AKG or Sony at around £20. The sound is clear and harmless on these Behringer but that is about it. False economy, I really wanted to like them but for any complex or large scale music the details are just not there. Sorry!

  3. 08

    by James

    For the price it cannot be unbeaten, decent sound, decent comfort, the cable is super long which I appreciate. This is my third time buying these headphones in about 6 years, the cable does fray eventually with extensive use

  4. 08

    by Steve

    If you’re looking for some super super cheap studio headphones these are great, the bass and overall sound quality are surprising considering the price. They will obviously feel a bit cheap and creaky but that’s expected. I will admit the headphones themselves do look a bit unnecessarily weird with the designs on them. They do not swivel left and right so you couldn’t just have them on your chest when not in use but the swivel it does have up and down is good and should fit most head shapes. Comfortability wise it is ok but I wouldn’t recommend for long periods of times maybe more than an hour before it starts to get uncomfortable

  5. 08

    by Amazon Customer

    The first thing I noticed is how amazingly clear these sound! … I plugged them into my digital piano and started to play but the sound was so clear I had to double check if actually plugged them in.
    They’re lightweight and comfortable with a decent length cable and a standard jack + the larger one.

    They aren’t noise cancelling but, I’m so happy with them I’ll be getting some for my daughters guitar and I’ve recommended them to my sister for her digital drums

  6. 08

    by Mrs. Frances Bell

    Well made in all respects, very comfortable & sounds brilliant. I would think more than adequate for most people. Very good value

  7. 08

    by AURI

    First of all, GREAT SERVICE from AMAZON did not expect it so fast…THANK YOU

    The HPS3000 is great value for money, I got them for playing the piano not to disturb the neighbours, so I can practice for as long as I want, actually it works, you can faintly hear what’s going on around you so not 100% sound blocking, but is quite good, the quality sound is very sharp excellent… they are soft on top and comfortable to wear, I have a small head and ears so fits quite well, they look pretty robust and look good, the cable is thick not flimsy at all, also comes with a 3.5mm jack as well as the 6.35mm that you have to unscrew if you don’t need a 6.35mm, but could come handy… if you take care of them, it will last you for quite a long time, I actually like them and feel that for the wonderful price of just over £13.00 I think is a steal!
    They are great for adults so long your head is average and children, I totally recommend this product 100%

  8. 08

    by Manila

    Good quality headphones.

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Behringer HPS3000 High-Performance Studio Headphones, Silver