AWESAFE Sat Navs for Cars, 7 Inch Car Sat Nav GPS Navigation Includes Postcodes, Speed Camera Alerts, POI Lane Assistance, Truck Lorry Satnav with Sunshade


  • 【BIG SCREEN 7 INCH SAT NAV WITH SUNSHADE】AWESAFE 7 inch Sat Nav is larger than 5 inch, but less than 9 inch, which instantly reacts to your touch. It is uniquely designed with a sun cover, effectively blocking out the sunlight in the day and avoiding the reflection at night, you are then able to see the maps clearly, day or night.
  • 【SUITABLE FOR 7 VEHICLE MODES】Prepare for exits and junctions by clearly highlighting the best driving lane for your planned route, you’ll never miss a turn or have to make sudden lane crossings. Provides 7 vehicle modes including Car/ Truck/ Pedestrian/ Bicycle/ Emergency/ Bus/ Taxi. This is customized to provide better routes for your chose mode and show the display’s remaining distance, time left and arrival time, to help you manage the time driving.
  • 【GPS NAVIGATION FUNCTION】①Support Postcode, Address, Coordinates, Favorites and POI Search. ②4 Routes Options: Fast/Green/Short/Easy. ③Support Postcode. ④Intelligent Route Planning Fast & Economical. ⑤Providing Intelligent Current Speed Camera Alerts,Sound Warnings,Route Planning,Street Name Broadcast,Current Speed. ⑥Automatic Day & Night Mode Switching.
  • 【FREE UPDTAES MAPS LIFETIME】Lifetime Maps for over 48 european countries including the UK, you can Install and update Maps at no extra cost for the lifetime of your sat nav including european countries. But do NOT include USA maps, if need, please send us Email or enter our webiste to download North America maps. There are 2D and 3D maps for to choose from. 3D map helps you by seeing your position within the real world and on the road, making it easier to identify the surrounding areas.
  • 【PORTABLE AND EASY TO USE】1 year warranty included and a 30 day money back guaranteed, if send us Email: We also provide you with great quality after-sales service. Packing List: ① AWESAFE Sat Nav② Car Charger ③ USB Cable ④ Suction Cup Mount ⑤ Clip Holder ⑥ User Manual
  • 【GPS SIGNAL】The sat nav is an offline navigator and must rely on an active GPS signal to work. If the car is passing through a remote road or tunnel, the GPS signal will be lost. If the GPS signal is lost for a long time, please contact the seller to download a new map.
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8 Reviews For This Product

  1. 08

    by lee mackay

    Not the best won’t work with post code and its in km not mph so hard to keep eye on speed

  2. 08



  3. 08

    by Amer

    Nice wide-screen. It takes a while to get used to it. The directions are clunky and the GPS doesn’t always find the quickest route or adapts to a mistake. It’s good for long drives. If your doing urban driving Waze is way better.

  4. 08

    by dennis bevaqn

    Good price and clear screen

  5. 08

    by Amazon Customer

    Bang Bang product

  6. 08

    by PJ_

    My original review is below, but the company is a scam company. Attempting to download map updates results in a ‘File wasn’t available on site’ error and e-mails to the address given are ignored. So the map remains very outdated.

    It’s basically a cheaper version of NavPal – same software. Looks like this one actually has updates (though they don’t seem that great as I bought my Sat Nav in June and the update on the awesafe website is from March, yet the Sat Nav tried to send me along pedestrianised areas and one-way streets that have been like that for years. The voice is not so loud and the lane guidance is often last-minute, except on motorways where it usually gives plenty of time (unless there is a 50mph speed limit and, as per usual, idiot drivers have bunched up, making it difficult to change lanes). Occasionally isn’t great on motorways though but most of the time it’s pretty clear what lane you need to be in; it just gets a bit rubbish on ordinary streets and roundabouts – the arrows are last-minute, not always accurate, and the verbal guidance before then just say ‘keep right’ or ‘keep left’ instead of saying the lane. Apparently this software is also useless for truckers but I’m not a trucker so I don’t know. Speed limit is sometimes wrong but that’s an issue with most Sat Navs – however, for some reason, on the visual display when there’s a speed camera, it often shows totally the wrong speed limit whilst verbally telling you to slow down (If you’ve set the warning) if you go over the actual speed limit. It doesn’t update live so won’t tell you about traffic problems.

    Anyway, some TIPS:

    If it doesn’t load or can’t find signal, try switching it off for a few seconds then on again. Alternatively, go into the tools bit and GPS and click the refresh button (may be worth waiting a few moments first though to see if it finds the signal anyway).

    TO put in your destination, press NAVIGATION then DESTINATION. To put in the postcode, press TOWN and you can put it in there. To change it to include or avoid motorways, you can do this either before you put in the full destination details or you can do it from the map once you’ve put in the destination – press MENU, press ROUTE OPTIONS, and choose the options from there.

  7. 08

    by darrenbrignall

    This sat nav is a little bit difficult to set up. But once set up, it’s easy to use

  8. 08

    by Amazon Customer

    I drive a truck and the satnav is good quality simple to use and prevents driving down roads that are not acceptable for trucks. Thos is well worth the price

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AWESAFE Sat Navs for Cars, 7 Inch Car Sat Nav GPS Navigation Includes Postcodes, Speed Camera Alerts, POI Lane Assistance, Truck Lorry Satnav with Sunshade