ASUS ProArt PA32UCG-K 4K HDR IPS mini LED professional monitor – 32-inch, 1600 nits, 1152-zones, 120Hz refresh rate, FreeSync Premium Pro, Dolby Vision, HDR10, HLG,…


  • 32-inch Mini LED Backlight with 1,152 zones local dimming providing 1600 nits peak brightness & 1000 nits full screen sustained brightness
  • Support multiple HDR formats (Dolby Vision, HDR-10, HLG) presents lifelike experience and flexibility
  • 48~120 Hz Variable-refresh-rate (VRR) with FreeSync2 HDR for game developer
  • True 10 bit color with Quantum-dot technology provides DCI-P3, Rec. 2020, Adobe RGB and sRGB for exceptional color fidelity
  • World-leading ∆E < 1 color performance and ASUS ProArt Hardware Calibration Technology for color-accuracy optimization, uniformity and color profile write-back
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Product Dimensions

‎9.45 x 28.62 x 23.62 cm, 14.63 Kilograms

Item model number





‎ProArt Display PA32UCG-K



Standing screen display size

‎32 Inches

Screen Resolution



‎3840 x 2160 Pixels

Computer Memory Type


Number of HDMI Ports



‎240 Volts

Are Batteries Included


Item Weight

‎14.6 kg

Guaranteed software updates until


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4 Reviews For This Product

  1. 04

    by f .deckker

    ASUS ProArt PA27UCX-K is a 27-inch monitor with a mini LED backlight that supports 4K HDR, 576 zones of local dimming, and quantum-dot technology. It is intended for creative professionals and enthusiasts who require a high-performance, colour-accurate display for work and play.


    +It has impressive image quality, with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels, a brightness of 1000 nits, a contrast ratio of 1000:1, and a wide colour gamut of 97% DCI-P3, 99.5% Adobe RGB, 100% sRGB and 83% Rec. 2020. It also supports multiple HDR formats, such as Dolby Vision, HDR-10, and HLG, which enhance the dynamic range and colour depth of the content.
    +It has superb colour accuracy, with a delta-E (∆E) value of less than 1, which means that the colours on the screen are almost indistinguishable from the real ones. It also has an ASUS ProArt Hardware Calibration technology, which allows users to adjust the colour settings and save them to the monitor’s internal memory. It also comes with a factory pre-calibrated report that shows the colour performance of the monitor.
    +It has a sleek and ergonomic design, with a thin bezel, a sturdy stand, and a cable management system. It also has a wide range of connectivity options, such as HDMI, DisplayPort, USB-C, USB-A, and audio ports. The USB-C port supports signal, data transfer, and power delivery up to 90W for external devices. It also has a built-in speaker and microphone for audio output and input.
    +It has a user-friendly interface, with easy-to-access buttons and menus. It also supports remote control via a smartphone app or a hotkey puck that can switch between different modes and settings. It also has an eye-care feature that reduces blue light and flickers to protect the eyes from strain and fatigue.


    -It is quite expensive, and may not be affordable for everyone. It also may not be worth the price if you don’t need all the features and performance it offers.
    -It is not very energy-efficient and may consume more power than other monitors. It also may generate more heat and noise due to the mini LED backlight.
    -It is not very portable and may be difficult to move or transport due to its size and weight. It also may not fit well in small or crowded spaces.
    -It may have some compatibility issues with some devices or software that do not support the HDR formats or the colour profiles of the monitor. It also may require some calibration or adjustment to achieve the optimal image quality.

    Reasons to buy:

    *If you are looking for a stunning and professional monitor that can deliver exceptional image quality and colour accuracy for your creative work and entertainment.
    *If you want to enjoy the benefits of the mini LED backlight, the quantum-dot technology, and the multiple HDR formats that enhance the dynamic range and colour depth of the content.
    *If you trust the ASUS brand and its certification process.

    Reasons to avoid:

    *If you are looking for a cheaper or more energy-efficient monitor that can meet your basic needs and preferences.
    *If you want to use the monitor for other purposes than creative work or entertainment.
    *If you prefer a more portable or compact monitor that can fit well in your space.


    The ASUS ProArt PA27UCX-K is an eye-catching and professional monitor that can provide exceptional image quality and colour accuracy for your creative work and entertainment. It has a 4K HDR mini LED backlight, 576 zones of local dimming, and quantum-dot technology. It also has ASUS ProArt Hardware Calibration technology, which allows users to adjust and save colour settings to the monitor’s internal memory. However, it is quite expensive and inefficient in terms of energy consumption. It is also not particularly portable or compatible with certain devices or software. Overall, it is an excellent choice for creative professionals and enthusiasts who require a high-performance and colour-accurate display for work and play.

  2. 04

    by Rob


    Ordered a Calibrite Display Pro HL and it works like a charm! Now able to calibrate the monitor and set the colour on the screen natively. Massively happy with results and appears to be performing better than expected!


    Amazing image and colors out of the box, the presets to move between Adobe RBG and Rec709 are great. However, its seems that Asus haven’t kept up with supporting the calibration software for this monitor. Asus Pro Art Hub can be downloaded from the Windows app store, but it doesn’t support or identify the Datacolor Spyder X Elite… Only the X1 iDisplay Pro / Pro Plus are listed in the drop down and they aren’t even produced any more… No idea if the Calibrite calibrators will actually work with the software or not.

    Its a shame as this seems to be the only true 10-bit monitor that I could get my hands on at this price point, which is still not super cheap.

    I’m going to reach out to Asus support and see if they can assist at all, but may have to just accept that I’m as close as I can get for color reproduction at this price point, but maintaining and guaranteeing it over time won’t be possible.

  3. 04

    by Rob

    Love this big size monitor that turn’s around to standing in Portrait position, this is something I didn’t know it did, which is brilliant for editing a pic in portrait orientation. It has a non reflective screen which I find so much better and the colour accuracy technology is beautiful. I do wish the sound technology on it was a bit louder as I struggle to hear it, so I will need speakers for it although I can attach my headphones to it, but need to do this using a lead and headphone jack.
    Fabulous monitor.

  4. 04

    by John Boy

    Most of my screen time is spent in Firefox, Outlook and Word. I was concerned that changing to a 4K monitor would mean text that was too small to work with. The ASUS PA278CV monitor seemed to be a suitable. In fact, it’s brilliant! Clear text, great definition, colours and connectivity, versatile stand and, a reasonable cost (Amazon) compared to 4K. I was also concerned that moving to a 27″ from a 22″ would be overkill for my small computer desk, but it’s a perfect fit. I have reduced peripheral vsion on the right-hand side (hemianopia) but the width of the screen encourages me to scan to the right; a positive attribute that I hadn’t expected. Downside? Speakers are quiet and fogetable apart from Windows system sounds.

    The supplied instructions use pictograms that are not the most informative. Written instructions can be downloaded at ASUS Download UK, and are almost essential. With those instructions I found two more USB-A ports on the right hand side of the monitor.

    At the moment I’m using HDMI input, but I will be trying DP. The USB-C connection to a Samsung S8 tablet, automatically changed the tablet to DX mode and, the ASUS monitor produced a great version of the tablet screen. My Windows 10 set up with an ancient graphics card was happy to switch to 75Hz refresh, but the 11th gen Core i5 running Windows 11 in Intel UHD graphics will only run 64Hz. Neither computer will run HDR. I need to try the USB-C input as a KVM. There is also a free 3 month download of Adobe Creative Cloud to try.

    In summary, I couldn’t be happier and, it looks good with the nearby ASUS ET12 router.

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ASUS ProArt PA32UCG-K 4K HDR IPS mini LED professional monitor – 32-inch, 1600 nits, 1152-zones, 120Hz refresh rate, FreeSync Premium Pro, Dolby Vision, HDR10, HLG,...


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