AOC M2470SWH – 24 Inch FHD Monitor, 60Hz,5ms, MVA, Speakers ( 1920 x 1080@ 60Hz, 250cd/m², HDMI 1.4 x 2/ VGA), Black


  • Full HD Resolution 1920 x 1080
  • Built in Speakers
  • Vesa Wallmount 100 x 100
  • Refresh rate 60 Hz
  • Full HD monitor’s MVA panel offers brilliant colours and wide viewing angles
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Additional information



Product Dimensions

‎15.75 x 21.69 x 8.66 cm, 3.58 Kilograms


‎1 Lithium Ion batteries required.

Item model number








Standing screen display size

‎23.6 Inches

Screen Resolution

‎1987 x 1080 pixels


‎1920 x 1080 Pixels

Processor Count


Computer Memory Type


Number of USB 2.0 Ports


Number of HDMI Ports


Number of VGA Ports



‎240 Volts


‎17.96 watts

Are Batteries Included


Lithium Battery Energy Content

‎2 Kilowatt Hours

Lithium Battery Packaging

‎Batteries packed with equipment

Lithium Battery Weight

‎2 Grams

Number Of Lithium Ion Cells


Number of Lithium Metal Cells


Item Weight

‎3.58 kg

Guaranteed software updates until


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6 Reviews For This Product

  1. 06

    by Mr A.C. Buckinghamshire

    very pleased with the monitor – perfect size for my sons desk, and keeps up with his Xbox games as well as his computer based homework (which is how he justified needing it!) Xbox seems to be on it more than homework though!

  2. 06

    by denis alder

    Setting up the monitor physically, attaching the stand etc were easy, it all clicks together, no tools needed. Height is not adjustable, but it works OK for me with my varifocals, always a bit tricky with monitor height and distance. My initial disappointment was picture quality. I swapped it for my old monitor with RGB cable and the picture was bad, fuzzy and too light. I changed the RGB for HDMI and then it was clearer and sharper, so I would recommend to bin the RGB at the native 1920 x 1080 resolution, and only use HDMI. However, then I had a lot of problems with picture brightness. Even on the brightness 0 setting from the manual control, it was too glary, blacks washed out greys, whites hurting the eyes, and I was beginning to think I would have to return it. I spent a couple of hours fiddling with the awful manual control buttons trying to get a decent brightness/contrast level. Then I installed the drivers and read the manual, always a good idea, and installed the control software, called i-Menu. From this I found a setting called Picture Boost, subsetting Bright Frame. In this, setting brightness to 20%, Frame size 100%, contrast 40% gave a good result, nice black blacks, comfortable white, good contrast on Windows icons. Not easy to find though, not exactly intuitive! Pity it doesn’t do this out of the box. Now it looks good and works well enough for me, so I am giving it (just) 4 stars as good value for money. Sharpness is OK, not fantastic by today’s standards (I compare with my Dell monitor at work, which is significantly clearer). It is a nice big monitor that works well with dual input – I have one HDMI from my desktop, and use the other to plug in my work laptop and use as an extended screen, which works very well also. So, not sure I would recommend it, but just about good enough and value for money. I don’t use it for gaming, so can’t comment on that.

  3. 06

    by Savidi

    I don’t game as the motion causes me to become ill so I’m unable to say if this would be up to the job, but as a general purpose monitor for everyday computing I can’t fault the purchase.
    I run a variety of office applications without issue and also the Adobe creative cloud Photography suite, once calibrated the colours match my Iiyama monitor and MacBook screen so I’m happy.

    Some have said there is jitteriness on moving images, I have yet to experience this though I have found that viewing photo galleries that utilise auto scrolling, whilst smooth, does cause me to become sick and dizzy.
    This isn’t an issue with my other connected and much more expensive monitor so it may well reflect on what this monitors maximum capabilities are, but given I am hypersensitive to this kind of thing ( a form of epilepsy) I’d imagine it wouldn’t be an issue for most users, my wife has zero nausea when using it and can’t understand how when we are viewing together I can become ill whilst she feels nothing.

    In summary, don’t let that last paragraph put you off, this is a good all round monitor, my issues are probably one in a million and easily prevented by avoiding horizontal scrolling image galleries

  4. 06

    by Kindle Customer

    As cheap monitors go this is excellent. I expect it wouldn’t do for gaming as the screen lag is noticeable, but the actual picture quality is very good with no dead pixels.

    The speakers are what you’d expect, poor and ok for voices but not for serious music listening, but at least they are there

    All in I’m happy with it

  5. 06

    by Mr Reviewer

    As someone who spends a significant amount of time working and gaming on the computer, investing in a high-quality monitor is essential. The AOC M2470SWH – 24 Inch FHD Monitor has proven to be an excellent choice, offering a fantastic viewing experience and impressive performance.

    **Display Quality:**
    The 24-inch Full HD display of the AOC M2470SWH delivers crisp and vibrant visuals. Whether I’m working on spreadsheets, editing photos, or enjoying a gaming session, the clarity and sharpness of the images are remarkable. The colors are accurate, and the contrast ratio provides depth to the visuals, enhancing the overall viewing pleasure.

    **Size and Form Factor:**
    The 24-inch size strikes a perfect balance between screen real estate and desktop space. It’s spacious enough to multitask comfortably without overwhelming my desk setup. The slim bezels add a modern touch to the monitor’s aesthetics and create a seamless multi-monitor setup, should you choose to expand your workspace.

    **Ergonomic Design:**
    The monitor is thoughtfully designed with user comfort in mind. The adjustable tilt feature allows me to find the most comfortable viewing angle, reducing strain on my neck and eyes during extended usage. Additionally, the screen’s anti-glare coating minimizes reflections, ensuring clear visibility even in well-lit environments.

    **Connectivity Options:**
    The AOC M2470SWH offers a wide range of connectivity options, making it versatile and compatible with various devices. It includes HDMI, VGA, and DisplayPort inputs, allowing me to connect my computer, gaming console, and other peripherals without any hassle.

    **Response Time and Refresh Rate:**
    For gamers, the 5ms response time and 60Hz refresh rate are more than adequate for a smooth gaming experience. I’ve noticed minimal motion blur during fast-paced games, and the monitor’s performance has been impressive across different genres.

    **Energy Efficiency:**
    Energy efficiency is becoming increasingly important, and I’m glad to see that this AOC monitor is eco-friendly. It meets Energy Star and EPEAT certifications, consuming minimal power during operation, which aligns with my efforts to reduce my carbon footprint.

    **Value for Money:**
    Considering the monitor’s quality, features, and competitive price point, I believe it offers excellent value for money. AOC is a reputable brand known for producing reliable and high-performance displays, and this model is no exception.

    **Final Verdict:**
    In conclusion, the AOC M2470SWH – 24 Inch FHD Monitor is a fantastic addition to any workspace or gaming setup. Its impressive display quality, ergonomic design, and connectivity options make it a well-rounded choice for both productivity and entertainment purposes. Whether you’re a professional in need of a reliable display for work or a gamer looking to enhance your gaming experience, this monitor won’t disappoint. I highly recommend the AOC M2470SWH to anyone in search of a top-notch 24-inch FHD monitor.

  6. 06

    by sohail

    Very Very good 👍 spot on many thanks

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AOC M2470SWH - 24 Inch FHD Monitor, 60Hz,5ms, MVA, Speakers ( 1920 x 1080@ 60Hz, 250cd/m², HDMI 1.4 x 2/ VGA), Black