Ankbit E600Pro Wireless Bluetooth Over Ear Headphones,headphones wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones with aptX HD&Low Latency, CVC 8.0 Microphone Deep Bass 80 Hours Playtime…


  • Dual-feed Active Noise Reduction: With two independent noise reduction chips, the noise reduction depth of the bluetooth headphones reaches 35dB, shielding 95% of the external noise, and allowing you to enjoy music immersively.
  • Enjoy High-quality Sound: E600Pro bluetooth headset with high-end Bluetooth chip—Qualcomm QCC3034, and you can enjoy HD high-quality music when connected to a mobile phone to listen to music. And when you are playing games, there are support aptX LL to enjoy ultra-low latency with headset.
  • Ergonomic Design: The E600Pro over ear headphones wireless contain a 40mm dynamic speaker and a high-end bio-diaphragm. The appearance has a telescopic rod adjustment design, which can be folded to perfectly fit any head shape, allowing you to wear headphones comfortably.
  • Long Battery Life: The headset uses a 950 mAh lithium battery, and the charging time is about 2 hours, which is convenient for you to carry around.
  • Warranty Service: From the date of purchase to 1 year, we provide noise cancelling headphones quality assurance service, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, we will reply you quickly.
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1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

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15.75 x 20.83 x 6.99 cm, 250 Grams

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17 April 2023



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7 Reviews For This Product

  1. 07

    by Henry Oakley

    Great value for money so good bought a second pair for the wife

  2. 07

    by Mr & Mrs

    The media could not be loaded.

     Okay, I’ll solve what might end up a very long review quickly for most people. These have massive bass especially in the noise canceling and transparency modes. If you go to a hifi store and immediately equate lots of bass with being good, or you bought a TV and never hooked it up to an external sound source because you thought it sounded fine, you will love these and think they’re 5 stars. If not, read on.

    Before I start proper, as I went to check the price on these (£92 as I write) I was curious what other products they have, and clicked on the Ankbit store link. On there, these exact headphones are shown but they don’t link to this page. They link to and are currently £55.58 down from £77.60 with 1252 ratings at 4.1 stars showing first available April 1st 2022 vs this page April 17th 2023. At £55 I’d give these a solid 4 stars, maybe even at £77, since there are a lot of things to like, the problem though, is that first and foremost, headphones should sound good, and you can get these to sound decent, but you really have to do a lot of compensating and a regular 10 band eq is only going to fix so much.

    I’ll get the negatives out of the way first. Quite simply it’s the sound profile. Without ANC (Active Noise Canceling) switched on, these are bass heavy. It’s not muddy for the most part (can be in certain songs) but along with the upper mids being too present and the highs being almost non existent, it’s a thoroughly unpleasing sound at first listen. Thankfully, with a lot of time and patience, you can correct for this and get a passable listening experience.

    Switching on the ANC makes the bass overblown, although again, luckily, not muddy, it’s reasonably punchy most of the time, but it absolutely needs taming, as different music goes from being definitely too heavy to obnoxious. The mids however are mostly adequate here, but now the highs are overblown too. When I first switched this mode on I honestly thought the ANC button was just an EQ switcher, but through my thorough testing, can confirm it definitely is more than that. Again, this is correctable, but now I have to make a completely new EQ profile to correct this mode. Also, when selecting it, the sound stops, there’s a pause, and a voice slowly informs you that you have engaged ANC, and then another pause before the music resumes. Be prepared, when it does so, it is an order of magnitude louder than it was, so don’t have the volume high before you press the button.

    Finally, there’s a transparency mode with the same big delay and announcement, only now the highs are enhanced even further, the mids take a nosedive and the bass goes full obnoxious. Depending on what you’re listening too, it’s like anything from being stood next to a club speaker to trapped in a car that someone fit a 2kw 20 inch sub bass in, just minus the broken ribs. You’ll really need to dial in (out mostly) some decibels to tame this EQ profile.

    And that’s why it’s 3 stars for me at the price shown on this page, although £100 isn’t expensive for headphones, we’re in a territory where I expect them to sound not amazing, but not like £20 headphones either, and I have a pair that were less than that, which honestly need less correction than these do. They don’t have any of the other trickery though and don’t look or feel as nice.

    When it comes to positives, these have them, in pretty much every department other than sound, so if your main concern is comfort and battery life etc, then these will impress you plenty. I didn’t bother to charge them out of the box, as soon as I finished the video I hooked them to my phone to try them out. They showed connected at 80%. I lost count of how many hours I’ve used these for, to the point that my ears hurt from having them on so long, which given how comfortable they are even for an extended period, should give you some clue. I had no idea how long they could last until I came to the page here and saw it say 80hrs or 40 with ANC, certainly I’ve used them for a very long time and when I put them on charge today they were still showing 40%. They only seem to report in 20% increments though. I checked on them after an hour and a half and the red light was still flashing, so I checked again after another hour and a half and still flashing, although it seemed quicker so I thought they might be fully charged, but hooking them up again showed them back at that 80%. The page says charges 5 hours in 5 minutes, so 80 minutes would be the full charge time, but it appears that even after 3 hours connected to my phone’s 33watt charger it wasn’t obvious if they were fully charged or not. It’s largely a moot point I think, since even if they only do half of what they say, you are never going to wear them in one session and have them run out, like me, you’re going to get many many days of significant use and wonder how long they can possibly show 80%.

    The general build quality and feel of the materials is very nice. The adjustment on the headband feels good, but want to point out that I have a small head, and although that’s probably relative since I’m over 6’3″, it’s why I think these might not suit people with smaller heads. I didn’t need to adjust these at all, I had them fully shut and if they had been any larger, would have been too large for me. Luckily they fit me perfectly.

    The ear cups have a nice soft feel and create a really good seal, so even without ANC on, if you’re listening in a relatively noise free environment, you won’t necessarily need/want to use it. The headband cushion feels exactly the same, and I didn’t find these uncomfortable even wearing for 3 hours straight at a time which is unusual, my ears usually complain well before that. They weren’t happy, but weren’t mad at me either. Given the apparent long battery life, I don’t feel like they’re excessively heavy either, I really didn’t notice them being heavier than my wired headphones, or especially a gaming headset (I just weighed them, 9.5oz and my wired headset is 9 3/8oz).

    The noise canceling feature didn’t impress me initially. There’s such a dramatic shift in sound profile that I thought that’s all that was happening. I set to some housework though, and while it wasn’t remotely able to drown out the vacuum cleaner, I couldn’t hear the brush on the carpet, only the whine of the motor. Unimpressed (perhaps wrongly) I set about finding other noises. I stood next to my doorbell speaker and had my momma go out and press it. It rings forever, and she took forever, and when she finally reappeared, I hadn’t heard a thing. I also didn’t hear her telling me that she’d done it and it’d finished, and I wasn’t playing loud music. Even pausing the track I could barely hear anything she was saying. That’s almost worth 5 stars righ….

    I have a dekstop PC with noisy fans, it changes that into a faint whisper while no music is playing and completely inaudible when it is, and while I was setting about rearranging my jewelry box, the doorbell went off and having no clue despite sitting just 3 feet from where that particular speaker is, was oblivious and missed the delivery driver who I’m told was knocking heavily on the door too. Luckily my momma was still here so she took it in for me, although I never heard her telling me about it until I saw her and took the headphones off. So actually the noise canceling seems pretty good, depending on the kind of noises and just how loud they are. I suspect if you used these on a plane, they’d do a great job at taking the worst of it away so that you don’t have to watch your in flight movie at ear bleedingly high levels.

    There’s a “Transparency” mode which has it’s uses, it seems to amplify outside noises so you can hear, although the amount the bass and treble are boosted somewhat negates this, but I guess it’s probably enough to hear someone talking. Maybe if I was waiting on a delivery while playing music and doing housework this would be the one to use (with a lot of eq to make it less obnoxiously bass heavy), other than that, if I know someone is trying to talk to me, I’d just pause the music and take one of the ear cups off.

    Finally, as well as a braided USB C charging cable (plus point for USB C) there’s a 3 foot long USB C to 3.5mm Jack cable (not braided). That’s really not long enough, and an odd thing to cheap out on. I find these sound better when wired, and you can switch them on (they work passively still) without them connecting to your phone or whatever which is nice, and then take advantage of the noise canceling. Because of the significant volume boost, this is actually helpful when connected to a source with low headphone amplification or a line level output.

    Overall these aren’t bad at all, I went from being not impressed at all to really struggling whether or not to give 3 or 4 stars. They’re a 4 star for me now that I’ve spent a bazillion hours correcting them. If you’ve never used decent headphones, or can’t tell one speaker from the next let alone care how certain instruments are supposed to sound then you’ll probably love these. If not and you’re willing to put a lot of time and effort into EQ profiles (you can get free ones on android, some phones have their own, your PC probably has a rudimentary one and if you’re listening plugged in on something with a proper eq) these are recommended, especially at the lower price on their store page.

    If you do know good sound but aren’t handy with an equalizer or inclined to spend dozens of hours dialling them in, you might be disappointed.

  3. 07

    by Laura

    I have so many uses for a set of headphones- my daughter on her iPad, Me writing my volunteering Xmas panto each year (trying out songs can get annoying to anyone else in the room), trying to write reviews in my office whilst my husband blasts Metallica through the house….

    So I needed a set that was durable, good sound quality and noise cancelling. These are all of the above and do so whilst being comfortable to wear and sleek looking. These come ion a box with a case, charging cable and aux cable. I love the fact the headphones fold into themselves to take up less space.

    They are a bit heavy and it does feel like the weight is on your head, but i’m not a regular headphone user so I experience this even with our older, wired headphones which i’ve been using the pst couple of years.

    The fact these are bluetooth wasn’t a requirement for me, but now i’ve tried them it certainly does make a difference! I don’t need to move the wire every time I want to get to my keyboard, I don’t need to take the headphones off and pause every time I want a drink or comfort break.

    For £92.99 at time of writing these are way above what I would consider paying for headphones. However, when I consider occasions where I’ve been willing to compromise and pay £40 for a set of wired headphones that only work with my iPhone because I forgot the ones that came with the phone when i’m at the train station and know I have at least 4 hours of travelling scheduled for that day it suddenly puts these into perspective.

    The price, for the quality is very good. They’e obviously not as expensive as major brands, and as I don’t use those I can’t compare quality, but to me hey’e crisp and clear and I am really pleased with them.

  4. 07

    by Dave

    Brilliant sound very comfortable

  5. 07

    by Stanuk

    Didn’t expect such a good sound. Recently I bought few pairs of headphones [one after the other] and wasn’t happy either with wearing comfort or both comfort and sound quality. This pair – Ankbit E600Pro
    is spectacular. I am rather quite fussy about sound quality and this headphones pleasing myself well.
    Didn’t use them much yet, but from what I experience so far would recommend them hearfully to anyone.

  6. 07

    by Judy Bainbridge

    Good pair of headphones with a decent battery life comfortable to wear for long periods of time and was easy to connect to my mobile phone.
    They produce some good quality sound with just enough treble and bass straight out of the box but sound great once you have your own equaliser settings in place on your connected device.
    They seem well made and of good quality and have used them a lot since getting them.
    Overall very pleased with these and would recommend them 😃

  7. 07

    by Laura

    At first I was happy with these headphones but not impressed with the noise cancelling. But now after less than 6 months and only light use one of the ear pieces has no sound and with no way of getting a warranty claim they have been a total waste of money

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Ankbit E600Pro Wireless Bluetooth Over Ear Headphones,headphones wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones with aptX HD&Low Latency, CVC 8.0 Microphone Deep Bass 80 Hours Playtime...