AMVR Glasses Spacer for Quest 2/Quest 1/Rift S/Go, Lens Protector Accessories Myopia Glasses from Scratching VR Headset Lens (Black + Red&Blue)


  • 【AMVR Patented Original Design】Anti-scratch Washer for Glasses, AMVR’s unique design, is used to protect glasses from scratching VR lenses. Can be compatible with Quest, Quest 2, Rift S and Go
  • 【Set Composition】The Set has Two pieces Lens Protection Frame and 12 pieces Silicone Rings. The 12 silicone rings are divided into three specifications, namely high, medium and low. The high ones are 7mm thick, the middle ones are 5mm thick, and the low ones are 4mm thick. Consumers can choose the gasket that suits them according to their comfort level
  • 【Easy to Install】First, Remove the original lens protection frame. Second, Select the appropriate silicone ring to install on the lens protection frame. Then, Secure one end of the lens protection frame in and press the other end down. When you hear a “click”, it means that the installation has been successful.
  • 【Enhance the VR experience】When you are wearing glasses and playing VR, you no longer need to worry that the glasses will scratch the lens. AMVR Lens Anti-scratch Pad Silicone Ring can protect your headset lens from scratches
  • 【Please Note】The VR Headsets and the Glasses are not INCLUDED !
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33.4 x 27.8 x 22.2 cm, 58 Grams

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11 Jun. 2020



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8 Reviews For This Product

  1. 08

    by Simon langan

    The product it self is very simple indeed but deffently effective I wear glasses my self sometimes and boy does it make a difference. Fantastic this is deffo worth the money even if It is alot I’m happy with my purchase

  2. 08

    by Bryan

    Simple to fit and protect your lenses, probably over priced …. but better than scratching you oculus lenses.

  3. 08

    by Discjoc

    I work in VR Dev and we have scratched so many lenses using glasses with headsets these are the best value for money solution. Great product I have test to find a pair of glasses that need anything less that the thickest rubber gromit included though so use the two slimmer options at your own risk the thicker of the three protectors is the only one we use. You also get two sets a blue/red set and a black set so you get loads for your money

  4. 08

    by NellyD

    These lens protectors are an absolute must to have on your headset ( if you want to look after it long term that is) They are easy to fit and have assorted thicknesses (the thickness is labelled on the rubber rings) They really do reduce any chance of the lenses being scratched, these can be accompanied with the glasses spacer you get with your Oculus (dependant on model) To ensure there is next to zero chance of your lenses getting scratched by glasses full stop.
    The only downside is your FOV (Field Of View) is reduced slightly but this is not a big deal , it is a very minor cost for almost guaranteed protection, as mentioned it is an essential to get lens protectors and these are really good quality and super affordable, these really are a must have for your Oculus.

  5. 08

    by shower music

    VR headsets should not be sold without a recommendation to buy these too.
    Perfect, if a little late for my fresnels.

    Easy to install – I used the 7mm along with the useless og glasses spacer for extra protection and I’m not aware they are there except there are no more scratches.

  6. 08

    by Petedb2

    Before buying these I wished I’d knew about a company called VR wave, because, although this product does the job! “stop’s your glasses from scratching the oculus lenses” I found wearing glasses with the oculus quest 2 very uncomfortable, Alternatively if you can’t afford to buy prescription lenses from a specalised company like VR Wave, who by the way did a great job on my oculus quest prescription lenses, and was worth every penny and makes such a big diffrence in vr experince specialy if your like me and after wear glasses all the time. and they fit right on to the oculus lenses, one and two, with ease.

  7. 08

    by Simon langan

    Does what it says, fits around the Quest 2 lenses to protect them getting scratched if you wear glasses (as I do). What you get for you £17.99!!!! are basically 3 different coloured sets of rubber rings and 2 plastic parts that they attach to, these then clip on to the lenses to stop your glasses touching the lenses. You can use the spacer that comes with the Quest 2, but even with that I was still nervous about possible damage.

    Only given them 4 stars as I think the price is ridiculous for what your getting, these should be about £5-£8 maximum, there is no way they are value for money, but if it means they protect your lenses on your £300 investment, its a no brainer, which is why they can get away with charging this amount. You can buy the rubber rings for a fraction of the price on ebay, but didn’t want to risk them being poor quality and my lenses getting scratched.

  8. 08

    by Leigh bamforth

    Like this product as it saves both the VR lenses and my glasses forom being scratched.
    A must if you are a spectacle wearer.

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AMVR Glasses Spacer for Quest 2/Quest 1/Rift S/Go, Lens Protector Accessories Myopia Glasses from Scratching VR Headset Lens (Black + Red&Blue)