AIYIMA A07 TPA3255 2.0 Channel Power Amplifier 300Wx2 HiFi Class D Stereo Digital Audio Amplifiers Sound Amp For Passive Speaker Home Audio DIY with 32V Power Adapter


  • AIYIMA A07 2.0 Channel Power Amplifier Adopt TPA3255+NE5532 * 2 Amplifier chip,You can get a clear and clean sound ,the output is stable and easy to set up.
  • Small but mighty:300W+300W HiFi integrated class D amplifier,Equipped with a 32V5A power supply, it can drive speakers with 80 watts in 4 ohms, 70 watts in 6 ohms, and 65 watts in 8 ohms.Specially designed for customers who pursue HIFI sound, high efficiency and maximum power output up to 300W.(Note: You need a more powerful power supply to get the MAX 300W x2 power output, such as 48V/10A)
  • Two input ways:3.5mm AUX Audio input/ RCA Audio input(3.5mm interface is also Aux Audio output interface(3.5mm AUX sed as audio output can go to connect any Powered device: Speakers, Amplifier,Active Subwoofer ect.).More detail connection and use ways,pls see the main picture shown).
  • The design is simple and elegant:The exterior design is exquisite with beautiful lines and small size,it can be matched with your computer/desktop/home theater system etc.A computer, an tube preamp(TUBE A3 PRO / T3 / T8), matched with our A07 home speaker amplifier, connected to your home audio passive speakers to form a perfect HIFI system,let you enjoy high quality music.
  • Compatible with a variety of op amp chips:A07 amplifier has a rich midrange,If you want to replace the NE5532 chip and experience a different sound, you can replace op amp chips: OPA2604, OPA2134, LM4562, JRC5532, etc.
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3 Reviews For This Product

  1. 03

    by Alistair Beattie

    I’ve been using a hefty, fairly high end, albeit old (pre-HDMI) 100W/ch Pioneer DTS AV Receiver to power 4 channel bookshelf speakers I use on my PC. It was big, and pulled 45W of power at idle. Based on Internet hype, I took the plunge and bought two of these. One is powering a set of Elac Debut b5.2 speakers, and the other a vintage set of Tannoy bookshelf speakers. I didn’t have a need for EQ or anything to manipulate the sound, as that is done at source.

    I was entirely prepared for a step down in audio quality, moving from a giant like the Pioneer to this cheap amp. Oh how wrong I was, the sound was noticeably sharper and with better mid-range drive – note, using the same DAC to feed both. Power usage on idle is negligible, and having the amps on 8 hours a day, I’ll break even on the electrical saving. They run warm, but not dangerously so. I power them off at the mains mostly, and there is no pop or noise generated when doing so.

    With the bundled 32V power supply, theses hardly break a sweat when powering the Elacs in a nearfield configuration.

    I haven’t made much use of the secondary input/sub-out, although note that the signals are combined, so you shouldn’t have two powered devices feeding into one amp at a time, if you want multiple inputs, you’ll need something else, or something to sit in front of it to switch.

    The price is good, and you’ll land up paying double even at clearance prices for a more traditional integrated amplifier. If you only have one input, then this is ideal.

    I do wonder now though, how much better things could be if I did buy a modern, expensive integrated amp…

  2. 03

    by Ozgur

    I bought this amp to make a small stereo for my bedroom. I used an A07 Amp with some Cambridge Audio Min12 Speakers and a Bluetooth Dac from iFi. It’s perfect for listening to audio streamed from my phone on YouTube Music, or Spotify or something like that. I also use it to enhance the audio of my TV instead of having an expensive soundbar.

    The A07 is physically small amplifier but with plenty of power to drive desktop or bookshelf speakers. Because of the size you can put it anywhere very easily. It is very well made with a solid case and smooth rotary volume control. The speaker bindings are good quality and easy to use with banana plugs as well – I prefer these, they are neater and easier to use.

    The amp has a good sound – it has a rhythmic and controlled bass, transparent midtones and crystal clear treble without any harshness. It suits my smaller room very well but can work in bigger spaces too. It will play loud enough for most normal listening. The amp is super easy to use and set-up, it doesn’t run hot and the power supply you get with it is enough for most people in my opinion.

    In terms of inputs there are RCA and an aux line in – so its very easy to connect with almost anything you want.

    I recommend these amps for desktop and small room stereos – they are the best value you can find with excellent audio quality. They are perfect for any stereo project for example bedrooms, music for kids rooms, TV enhancement, home office- lots of different ideas where you want some music in your home without buying a big, expensive and complicated system.

  3. 03

    by Ozgur

    It’s a fantastic sounding budget amp with great power output.


    What kind of a user am I?
    I don’t claim to be an audiophile with many many years of experience but I do care about audio quality and I love trying different devices within a reasonable price range.
    I have tried several budget preamp/DACs/Amp/Integrated Amp combinations to this date and I will write my review based on my personal experience and comparisons.

    What is my set up?
    – A small room, everything on my desk with speakers close to me. Ceiling is high (3.5m)
    – A pair of Q Acoustics 3020i
    – Aiyima T8 headphone preamp/DAC
    – ifi Zen DAC v2
    – A Windows 10 PC with USB & Digital out
    – A mobile phone with bluetooth
    – Different audio streaming services with ultra quality / MQA output

    What is included in the box?
    – 32V/5A UK power brick
    – A user manual

    What is not included in the box?
    – No kind of audio cable for connecting to the source

    Build Quality
    – Looks beautiful and feels very solid
    – I like the compact design, it’s very easy to place on your desk and under/over your DAC/preamp
    – Volume knob and power switch at the front feels very solid
    – Similarly input and output ports feel very solid at the back

    Setting up & connections
    – Very straight forward to set up. Just be careful to keep the power off when connecting to your speakers like normally you would do for any amp.

    Couple of things to mention about connections:
    – There is no subwoofer out, passive or active. However if you want to use this with a powered (active) subwoofer, you can use it as long as your subwoofer has the right ports (many of them do). Just run the output from A07 into your sub and then run its output to your speakers. A simple search online can lead to the guide.
    – There is a line in and also a 3.5mm input however there is no switch. The manual also says not to have them connected at the same time because they would run at the same time.

    Power output
    As I mentioned I use it to drive my speakers in a small room. Admittedly Q Acoustics are efficient and easy to drive but the power output can easily drive more difficult speakers. In terms of loudness, if I use this directly without a preamp, I can’t go beyond 40% on the volume know before it starts getting uncomfortable that close and it can get very very loud if you turn up.

    32V seems to be very powerful for my setup. For more power hungry setups you can buy a 48V adapter or for lesser requirements you can go down to 24V. However reducing the power of the adapter may cause sound distortion at higher volumes so do your research.

    Sound quality

    I used the device with 2 different methods:
    1- Connecting directly to my PC with line in
    2- Connecting my PC to my DACs through USB, BT and optical and RCA connection from DACs to A07.

    With line in it already sounds very clear and rich, if you go for full budget setup this is already it. It sounds beautiful and loud.
    However when you connect a DAC to A07 as a source, things get amazing. It sets a better sound stage, it gets more spacious, everything is clear and it sounds fantastic. I definitely recommend using a DAC with this thing for max benefit.

    Even comparing to more expensive amps I tried (up to 200£) and my well known brand 5.1 receiver for my home theatre setup, I experience no difference in music quality.
    This is of course personal at the end of the day. For my experience, I’m very happy with it and I don’t feel difference
    My main combination is USB from PC to a DAC and RCA connecting from that DAC to this A07. Overall this is a very compact, efficient, budget friendly and high quality setup for my taste.


    For convenience it would have been nicer to have a active sub out so that you wouldn’t have had to deal with additional setup and paying for more cables but I’m guessing they have to cut costs from somewhere.
    Adding a passive sub out would probably require a more expensive device and that’s not the point here.

    The point is, this thing sounds just amazing and at this price it’s a no brainer. Best price / performance I got from a budget amp.

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AIYIMA A07 TPA3255 2.0 Channel Power Amplifier 300Wx2 HiFi Class D Stereo Digital Audio Amplifiers Sound Amp For Passive Speaker Home Audio DIY with 32V Power Adapter