Air Fryer Oven, Uten 5.5L Air Fryers Home Use 1700W with Rapid Air Technology for Healthy Oil Free & Low Fat Cooking, Baking and Grilling with Recipe

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  • 🍗Large Capacity Air fryer: Uten Fryers has 5.5L Fryer Basket. which allows your family to cook and easily prepare up to more than 5 healthy and delicious foods.
  • 🍟100% Healthy and Less fat 80%: This air fryer allows you to fry, bake, grill, and roast with little to no oil. It will provide you 80% less fat food but same delicious as traditional fried food. Make crispy fried chicken steak, French, fries, pizza and much more in this air fryer. Enjoy your favorite food without the extra calories.
  • 🍕Simple and Clear Operation: Hassle-free button operation, two buttons can make the dishes you want. Seniors even kids (over 10 years old) can smoothly operate the Uten air fryer. Make a better life.
  • 🍞Muti-Functions Air fryer: Auto-switch off timer (0-60 mins) and adjustable temperature setting (80°C-200°C) can help you to cook your food without oil in variety way, Fry, grill, bake and roast, steam, and food dehydrate all in one. Additional instructions recipes can help you make wonderful foods easier.
  • 🍖Quiet Operation: Compared with most traditional air fryers on the market, this product adopt a new air duct design, and the new fan blades can greatly reduce the noise generated by the equipment. You don’t have to worry about affecting the rest and conversation of family members.
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Model Number




Product Dimensions

‎14.96 x 16.54 x 14.96 cm, 5.9 Kilograms


‎5.5 litres

Power Wattage

‎1700 watts


‎230 Volts


‎Stainless Steel

Auto Shutoff


Special Features


Item Weight

‎5.9 kg

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6 Reviews For This Product

  1. 06

    by James

    This air-frier seems to be a good quality product for the money, and a good size for a family of 3-4. It’s super simple with just 2 knobs; temperature and timer. The retro look may not be to everyones taste, but no complicated touchscreen or settings to fuss with. Our whiteboard marker helped finish the look 🙂

    Cooking is fast. We’ve never owned an air-frier before (17 mins for chips), couple of things to note when in use the product should be brought forward a bit, as the air vent at the back gets very hot, however the outside of the appliance remains cool to touch during cooking. Also don’t put in parchment paper in the bottom without food on top as it flies upwards and touches the heating element. It doesn’t really need preheating, as it heats up fast.

    As with all airfriers there are a bit cumbersome to clean as the trays are quite big, but the nonstick makes it easy to clean. And I’d imagine the non stick vented tray would wear quite quickly. We’ll probably invest in some paper trays or use parchment which will reduce cleaning.

    Food is crispier than using a conventional oven, but you do need to toss or turn over food halfway through cooking. The tray is big enough for a small chicken (see photo with mug for scale). While big enough for most dishes, there will be some meals where we might need a conventional oven, but we’ll see how we get on.

    The timer ends with a bell “ping”, and the timer is only approximate, it’s not so easy to align the knob to the exact minute marks, but that’s the only minor issue.

    PS. It does come with a recipe book, but it’s just a basic guide with not many healthier dishes.

    Overall a really good buy, good enough to recommend.

  2. 06

    by M WINDLE

    This is the second Air Fryer I have purchased. My first one had all the buttons and pre-set settings. This product is very basic. But that’s the beauty of this air fryer, its so easy to use. Once you familiarise yourself with temperatures and times your well away. It cooks perfectly. I’ve done some amazing roast potatoes, great for doing a quick bacon sandwich etc. It has a really good size tray. I use this almost everyday, and no problems, my last air fryer soon stopped working and the touch sensitive buttons didn’t respond. This air fryer has good sturdy dials that turn and work! This cleans up amazingly well, in fact its still like new, I learnt from my old air fryer to put a sheet of foil on the bottom tray, but this air fryer cleans so well with a warn sponge its a dream, It looks like the head of a Robot from a 1950’s Sci Fi B movie, so quite Retro looking, and looks good in my kitchen. Arrived on time, neatly packaged and all that stuff!! all in all its 100% for value, nice and sturdy, used by all the family (4 teenage boys). defiantly would recommend.

  3. 06

    by P H. Legge

    Great value for money. Simple to use and easy to clean. Seems to cook quickly and efficiently. A great bit of kit.

  4. 06

    by James

    I absolutely love this air fryer! Upon unboxing it, I noticed straight away how good the build and quality of materials is.
    Compared to my old plastic-y Salter air fryer (now worn out and fit for the bin), the Uten is a different class altogether. It’s mostly made of metal components, with a large basket that is big enough to cook a small chicken to perfection… a fraction of the time. Really easy to clean too.
    Every now and then I see air fryers for sale in the likes of Aldi and Lidl (for the same price bracket) and they are far inferior (cheap and plastic) compared to the mighty Uten.
    I chose the version with the 2 knobs, and using it is a doddle. Highly recommended!

    PS: Call me daft but I liked it so much, I bought a second one on special offer for just for £40! (What can you buy for £40 these days)?! I’ll keep it in the cupboard until the day comes where I have to scrap my current one (……which I think will probably be a long way off)!

  5. 06

    by Devon Geezer

    Solidly made & so simple to operate, no need for loads of buttons that nobody ever uses or touch buttons that don’t work with dry fingers or stop working after a year. Don’t under-estimate the advantages of a square inner basket, it’s a godsend; you can fit so much more than a round one of the same size in litres. Plenty powerful at 1700w, it cooks much faster then my old asda 1250w cheapie air fryer. The inner basket separates easily for dishing up chips & for cleaning. The inner non-stick coating is excellent. Dare I say it even looks great with its lovely brushed stainless steel front & a textured finish on the plastic side panels. Another advantage of a manual air fryer is when you pull out the tray to check how it’s going….just push the tray back in to restart, rather than having to podge a restart button on some of the digital ones. This one is just a tadge noisier then my old fryer, but not overly so & I for the price paid it’s an absolute bargain for its size, looks and performance.
    **Update 10 months later – with almost daily usage, the plastic timer knob fractured where it turns the metal shaft of the mechanical timer. There is a fair amount of force required to set the timer & I think over time and heat cycles, the plastic becomes brittle and eventually the knob broke. The plastic knob has a cutout that mates to a horizontal metal pin; it was inevitable that it would fail sooner or later & is a materials design problem (or built-in obsolescence?). Unable to obtain a new knob or a partial refund to repair it myself, so a full refund was the only option. sad for it to go to landfill as the air fryer itself still worked brilliantly. Very good Amazon customer service providing a returns label & refund**

  6. 06

    by Amelia

    2 years of use and this is still perfect! Use non metal utensils and clean as per care instructions and this will last well. No issues at all – huge inside space, super fast cooking. This cooks way better than any other method, food is hot all the way through without burning. Amazing for veggies as well as nuggets/frozen food. Can’t recommend enough!

    Settings are super easy to use – timer works really well.

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Air Fryer Oven, Uten 5.5L Air Fryers Home Use 1700W with Rapid Air Technology for Healthy Oil Free & Low Fat Cooking, Baking and Grilling with Recipe

£56.00£86.60 (-35%)

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