Air Fryer Oven Digital Acekool FT1 18L Large Oil Free Touch Screen 1800W Mini Oven With Rotisserie Dishwasher Safe Rapid Air Circulation Bpa Free Accessories (18L)


  • SAVE UP ENERGY BILLS-Air fryers circulate hot air incredibly efficiently to create a ‘fried finish’ on foods with little to no oil, Air fryers cook ingredients quickly, plus they are more energy efficient than turning on your oven for cooking smaller quantities, saving you time and money on your energy bills.
  • All-IN-1 MACHINE- This air fryer is 18L with 1,800W, which equips with 10 modes for use, choose from Steak, Chicken, Seafood, Shrimp, Bacon, Frozen Foods, French Fries, Vegetables, Root Vegetables, Bread, and Desserts, which means this air fryer allows you to air fry, bake, grill, roast, toast, dehydrate and rotisserie. Also, the transparent glass window is helpful to monitor the whole cooking process
  • SAFE AND LESS FAT- The overheating protection system will be activated, also, automatic Shut-Off is set if the electrical circuit is overloaded with other appliances. Mini Oven uses 360°hot air circulation to cook foods, which can provide you all kinds of deep frying foods with less oil or no oil
  • PREMIUM QUALITY MATERIAL- Our air fryer is made with premium quality materials, specifically food-grade 304 stainless steel. This material is known for its durability, resistance to corrosion, and ability to withstand high temperatures. Additionally, our air fryer is designed without any chemical coatings, ensuring that it is PFOA-free and BPA-free.
  • EASY TO CLEAN & DISHWASHER SAFE-Our Mini Oven are made with high-quality materials that are durable and long-lasting, ensuring that they can withstand the heat and pressure of the dishwasher. With our Easy to Clean & Dishwasher Safe products, you can spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying your delicious meals.
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Product Dimensions

‎45 x 44 x 45 cm, 9.47 Kilograms


‎18 litres

Power Wattage

‎1800 watts


‎220 Volts


‎Stainless Steel

Special Features

‎Temperature Control

Item Weight

‎9.47 kg

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7 Reviews For This Product

  1. 07

    by AthenaNI

    First let me say should this give up the ghost tomorrow I’d be straight on to Amazon to buy another. You can read about all the bits and pieces that come with it in the product description so I won’t go over them except to say they’re all extremely useful, work as expected and the rotisserie element makes ‘thee’ best chicken and with a bit of doofferring you can also fit a meat joint on to it.
    It cooks even faster than the Cosori air fryer it replaced, cocktail sausages 12 minutes at 180°C, shortbread a similar time, frozen pizza took 6 minutes and the best cheese on toast with that lovely cheese pull took 4 minutes. My kettle doesn’t even boil that fast!
    Now for the niggles….
    The highest temperature is 200°C. I have a few things I would normally cook at 210° or 220° , instructions for oven chips usually say to cook them at 210°C. Searing a steak needs a high temperature to start with.
    Make sure you use the glue dot things to anchor the unit. It is difficult to pull the dor open and if not anchored then it tends to move.
    Arthritic hands struggle opening the door, I have to do the pull push dance, one hand on the handle ready to pull down, the other on the main body ready to push against the pull.
    The white logo smears with the heat. Like I said little niggles, nothing that would make me want to return it.

  2. 07

    by Adele14

    Upon unpacking I find the accessories appear to be made out of soft plated metal (I’ve seen enough of it out of China to know what it looks and feels like). Not stolid stainless steel. The entire unit fails a magnet test. These accessories are probably only cleanable, for a while, in a dishwasher, not adequately by hand.
    The manual doesn’t seem to mention a burn it test, but I did one anyway, significant toxic smelling fumes given off over 20 minutes, even with an extractor and 2 air purifiers running full tilt. SOme fumes were still being given off after an hours running time.
    Next up, the internal size, claimed to be 12 by 12 by 8 (roughly) on the manufacturer’s site and restated by their rep on there last month. This would be big enough to cook a 12″ pizza.
    The actual size is 11.75″ by 10″ by 7″ – not big enough to cook a 12″pizza – just as well I didn’t fill up the freezer with 12″ pizza in anticipation isn;t it.
    This obviously affects the volume, it’s not 18L as stated everywhere by the manufacturer, according to the actual measurements it’s a little over 14L – is it therefore 23% cheaper – no, it is not.
    Temperature – claimed 30C to 200C – one of my aims in purchasing was to proof and bake bread – but the loud fan doesn’t go off, in any mode, which means that even though it drops down to 30C (unmeasured by me, didn’t seem any point by then) as proofing requires a high humidity environment, that inside this thing is unsuitable. As I normally bake bread at 210C (fan) I figured I’d probably get away with 200C. Problem is it never reaches that, it alternates between 181C and 191C – which is just not good enough.

    All I wanted was an oven that would do 30C – 200C, that wouldn’t be loud (did I mention this thing can be clearly heard through 2 shut doors, requiring my TV to be turned up, that’s louder than my 15 year old washing machine on spin) and would be big enough to hold 2 loves of bread, and do the odd rotisserie chicken. The chip/popcorn basket might have been nice but far from needed.

    What i got…….did not meet my expectations. or what was claimed in the listing, on UK or US amazon.

    It’s going back…..postal worker action permitting.

  3. 07

    by G. W.

    This is an excellent oven. It’s compact on the outside but offers a good internal size with an easy access glass door. So far it has cooked everything perfectly. Easy to use and easy to keep clean. The only negative is that it’s a little noisy.

  4. 07

    by Red Jenny

    Bought to replace the small round version & this is brilliant! So versatile & can cook lots more than the other versions. Also, can view whilst cooking. Game changer & so much quicker & cheaper than conventional oven.

  5. 07

    by AthenaNI

    Over the years I’ve had around 12 air fryers the whole range of ninja apart from the speedy and many more, I still have any air fryer but i wanted a bigger one and the rotisserie, the first thing i noticed was how quiet it is and how fast it heats up, I cooked a pizza and there are no hot spots and cooked it 5 minutes faster than the instructions said, I’ve cooked a leg of pork on the rotisserie and wow that was good all the skin really hard crackling and i ate it all in one go, all round it really is a brilliant air fryer for the price and definitely recommend. Oh and so easy to clean after the rotisserie and it took me 4 minutes to get it spotless with just hot soapy water.

  6. 07

    by CB

    Can’t believe why I haven’t bought an air free before. This AceKool one i chose is just brilliant. So glad I chose this model with the window. The kebab prongs for the rotisserie were hard to fit in, but after I used the pliers to squeeze the hooks together, they went in so easily, and were still secure.
    I like to make my own chips….par boil and fry light the potatoes. These will take 1 hour to bake in a Main oven. With this air fryer, they cooked beautifully crisp and golden in 9 minutes!! Unbelievable, but true! So pleased, so 5 stars from me.

  7. 07

    by Sean

    After debating for ages about an air fryer we ended up buying this one mainly because we have 3 if not 4 people to feed at meal times. We’ve barely had the oven on since buying it. Our model didn’t come with the frying cage but we did purchase one and it can fit enough chips in to feed a family of 4. With the cage in you can just about fit food on the lowest shelf although it does take longer to cook at the bottom. We use the two shelves plus the drip tray to cook food and so long as you keep an eye and shift the shelves around it’s all good. The rotisserie bar was brilliant for a whole chicken and was done in about 45 min which was impressive. The only downside is the volume of the beeping which is far too loud. If it had adjustable volume it would be perfect!

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Air Fryer Oven Digital Acekool FT1 18L Large Oil Free Touch Screen 1800W Mini Oven With Rotisserie Dishwasher Safe Rapid Air Circulation Bpa Free Accessories (18L)


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