Content and Keyword Strategy

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Content & Keyword Strategy

The content strategy is a vital part for the online success of the website. The main function is to optimise the current infrastructure in order to increase the number of users viewing your website content and give them a referral to your sales team.  We also have the task of researching and identifying un-tapped demand, and for creation of new web properties or online channels that will focus this demand towards the website funnel. This may require building of new pages, A/B Testing landing pages, new sites, and domain purchases to ensure control of the subsequent user journeys.

In summary, if a user is searching for anything connected to your keywords, etc. A landing page should be offered.

Your website will be found using natural search listings as opposed to paid, the user is already leveraging Google’s ‘recommendation’ implicitly as the relevancy and results listing is managed by their algorithm, continuing that trusted site and relevancy approach is logical and effective.

The IT Team or development team will optimise the current site through management of the technical backend site infrastructure, effective management of inward links, and predominantly through creation of high-value content.

The team structure then supports these goals. To define opportunities, content writers to create and curate articles, define new keyword opportunities and social media posts. Developers to build relevant and appropriate landing pages.

Performance will be tracked using several metrics, most notably traffic and sales.  We will also track the keyword effectiveness.

The digital marketing manager is responsible for driving new organic traffic to the sites and improving performance across currency solutions. This includes Social media engagement, new search term variables, unique content to leverage google trending to bring in new search term traffic.

Websites Objective's 

We research our competitors, new keywords, and calculate the estimate of the volume of traffic per month using Google Keyword planner and Google Trends. Once identified as a top related search term, a content strategy is then created using keyword density, and various SEO factors to rank our landing pages above our competitors and ideally position 1 of the search engine. In-time we want to achieve a Google page rank for that specific page, the higher the page rank the better the results we will have with visitors and this also means Google has identified our pages as strong informational content.

Once we have the content and best SEO practice in place, we can then target a demand to the user. The benefit of the website is that we can target personal and business users, and identify a genuine need for for users to use your website as an information source.


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