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Analytics Services

analytics services
analytics services

Analytics Services

We use the standard Google Analytics to identify existing and new traffic sources. Analytics also helps us determine how your website is performing after our extensive on-site SEO work. We also use Analytics for benchmarking your website too.

  • Benchmark before SEO deployment
  • A/B Testing with MVT
  • Create Persona Records
  • Evaluate Organic search Keywords
  • Analyse traffic Strategy
uk analytics services

Analytics Audit & Strategy

We will perform a comprehensive audit of your website measurement plan, analytics and tag management instrumentation. We map your site or app goals to key performance indicators, all properly segmented to meet the needs of business, marketing and product stakeholders.

Clean implementation, comprehensive, segmentable and use-centric data is the outcome of our implementation projects, expect nothing less. Quality Assurance, Data Validation and technical specs documentation are added into our process.

Analytics Roadmap

Optimisation and business impact are achievable through commitment to process, people and technology. Let JustifyDigital develop an optimization plan for your organisation support you through all your dynamic business changes and evolving measurement needs.

Custom Analytical Solutions

JustifyDigital have worked on some of the most complex sites and mobile apps and have architected custom solutions including: eCommerce, CRM integration, cross-channel attribution, content categorisation and marketing automation integration, and more.

Google Analytics Auditing

Confidence in your data is crucial. A full Google Analytics audit finds all of the potential trouble spots in an analytics implementation. We also include a Measurement Strategy, a document outlining how to better utilise Analytics to accomplish the goals you’ve set. The final audit deliverable will outline how to make Google Analytics measure smarter and more accurately than ever before.

Google Analytics Reporting

JustifyDigital qualified experts will provide regular reports and analysis on what data is most important to you and your organisation. Reporting is more than just showing numbers and what happened. Reporting includes providing what data can be used to drive return on investment, quickly and efficiently. JustifyDigital Google Analytics reporting services empower organisations to be data-driven in decision making.

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